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Woodchuck Milling

Woodchuck Milling

Waste Not, Want Not

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Woodchuck Milling is a place where people can have logs milled and lumber dried, no matter how big or small a project. We pay attention to detail in order to produce the best product possible.

Our Woodmizer LT15, we can cut logs up to 36” in diameter and 16’ long. After being milled and air-dried, our dehumidification kiln can dry approximately 3,000 board feet at a time. Nothing goes to waste from any tree. Larger limbs are cut for firewood and the brush is chipped for mulch.


 Our firewood available in: full cord, 1/3 cord and bundle.  Delivery also available within 15 miles from our location!

We work with local arborist, collecting logs that would usually be chipped up or split for firewood.


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