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Woodchuck Milling

Woodchuck Milling

Waste Not, Want Not


Firewood is sold by the cord. A cord is a measurement of volume.
  • A full cord is a stack 4′ deep by 4′ tall by 8′ long
  • A 1/3 cord is a stack 16″ deep by 4′ tall by 8′ long

We also offer wood by the bundle. A bundle consist of approximately 1 cubic foot of wood. Our hardwood is a mix of species usually containing oak, poplar and maple.

Hardwood Softwood
Full cord $ 250.00 $180.00
1/3 cord $ 100.00 $75.00
Bundle $ 5.00 $5.00


If you are within a 15 mile radius of our location we will deliver and stack (within reasonable distance from truck) for $75.

Need somewhere to stack your wood that will keep it neat and dry for when you need it? We have firewood racks sized for 1/3 and full cords. Constructed of steel 1.25″ square tubing and painted these racks are built to last.

1/3 cord rack – $175

Full cord rack – $225

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